IACC-K&S Partners – Impact of the data protection bill – How ready is your company?

Points to be discussed:

Who will be responsible for data protection when the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill comes into effect?
What are the regulations on the collection, storage, processing and transfer of personal data by Companies?
What will be the impact of the bill on businesses operating in India, particularly those handling sensitive personal data?

Business Idea I

Implementation of blockchain, Raspberry Pi, and REST API in the cotton lifecycle
Team Presentation: Department of Finance, ISBR Business School
Faculty Guide: Prof Amit Kanchanbaras, Head of Department, Finance

Business Idea II

Implementation of smart contracts in small-scale floral business supply chains
Team Presentation: Department of Supply Chain Operations, ISBR Business School
Faculty Guide: Prof Rangesh, Senior Faculty, Department of Supply Chain Operations

Session By


Managing Director & CEO,
K&S Digiproject Services Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome Address


Chairman, IACC Karnataka
Founder and Chairman, Pairee Group

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23 Jun 2023


4:00 pm - 6:30 pm


000 Start-up Warehouse