Japanese Delegation visit to Mysuru

Japanese Delegation visit to Mysuru

The delegation was received at Kaynes technologies
Marubeni corporation representative and Google cloud Ace representatives were given a presentation about Kaynes technologies and collaborations were explored. From there we went to Craftmelon an art company and the team was delighted to see the different types of creative art that are done using wood.
From there we went to Virtulive technologies which is an education technology company specializing in preparing all in one projector which is called as wall-top computer. From there the visit proceeded towards Proxelera, a VLSI design company. Subsequently we went to Holo world, wearing HoloSuit and other meta-verse technologies were seen by the delegation.
TiE Mysuru, SJCE-STEP, ISAC and Excelsoft Technologies‘ leadership received the delegation where, across lunch, discussions where held on different types of engagements that can lead and that can be done between GAIN and the investor ecosystem associated with GAIN in addition to that the discussions were also made on how the different fund access can be made.
Dr. Mahesh Rao represented the industry anchors along with Group Captain Anand Naidu. From there the delegation proceeded to Excelsoft to understand Excelsoft of technologies and their role before winding up the session for the day

Event Gallery


19 May 2023


9:00 am - 6:00 pm