Beyond Bengaluru

KDEM Mysuru cluster to spearhead investments in IT-ITES, ESDM, and Cyber Security sectors, with ESDM sector alone having a potential to generate 43,000 direct employment over the next 5 years
KDEM Mangaluru cluster to spearhead investments in IT/ITES and FinTech sectors generating revenue worth USD 1 Bn and 1,00,000 jobs by 2026
The Hubballi - Dharwad - Belagavi region to emerge as a corridor of Economic growth and Development attracting huge investments by the year 2026

Karnataka's Beyond Bengaluru Initiative

About Beyond Benagluru

The Beyond Bengaluru program of KDEM is spearheading the objective of proliferating the growth of the digital economy in clusters beyond Bangalore. This is done only for select identified clusters in the state by developing and facilitating a product-based ecosystem. Building a community of key industry players, entrepreneurs, start-up owners, academia, accelerators, and the student community, the Beyond Bengaluru program of KDEM is steering towards getting investments and generating employment in the State.

Our Aspirational goals

Our Aspirational goals

Quotes from Leaders

Mission of skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling the
youth should go on relentlessly

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India

Cluster Information

Beyond Bengaluru

The nerve center of Digital Economy aiming at deepening the connect of innovation/ start-ups/ESDM/GCC & talent in clusters that are Beyond Bengaluru.


The Beyond Bengaluru Start-Up Grid leverages the advantages of the networks across different stages of the start-ups. These networks enable you to access inputs and relevant business-related information to build on. By accessing the mentor groups across the board: areas like HR, Legal, R&D, Accounting services, Marketing & Branding experts, upcoming start-ups in the grid can leverage the network for business strategy. Similarly, access to the associated R&D Labs can link the start-ups to our network for knowledge and funds.


Engineering Electrical & Electronics

Pharma & Biotech


Agri & Food

Other Players

    • 15+ renowned engineering colleges
    • ~40,000 Engineering & Degree College students
    • IT Talent Available: ~30,000
    • BPM Talent Available: ~25,000
    • Application Development & Maintenance- Top Available IT Skill ~19,000
  1. Total availability of plug & play infrastructure: 1,00,000 sq. ft
  2. Total Availability of co-working spaces: ~350+
  3. Upcoming facilities: Approx 2,00,00 sq. ft. of facility 'Global Technology Centre' under construction
  • JSS Science and Technology University, Mysuru
  • The National Institute of Engineering
  • Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering
  • NIE Institute of Technology (NIEIT)
  • Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering
  • University of Mysuru
  • Mysore College of Engineering & Management MYCEM
  • Vidya Vikas Institute Of Engineering And Technology
  • Maharaja Institute of Technology Mysore
  • Mysuru Royal Institute of Technology (MRIT)


Engineering & Manufacturing

Pharma & Biotech


Agri & Food

Other Players

  • 20+ renowned engineering colleges
  • 15+ Medical & Dental Colleges
  • 60,000 Engineering & Degree College students
  • IT Talent Available: ~12,000
  • BPM Talent Available: ~10,000
  • Application Development & Maintenance ~10,000
  1. Total availability of Plug& Play Infrastructure: 3,35,000 sq. ft
  2. Total availability of Co-working spaces: ~500+
  3. Upcoming facilities: Approx 4,50,000 sq ft under construction (3-4 IT Parks)
  • A J Institute of Technology
  • Alva's Institute of Engineering & Technology
  • St Joseph Engineering College
  • Canara Engineering College
  • SDM Institute of Technology, Ujire
  • Mangalore Institute of Technology and Engineeering
  • Moodalkatte Institute of Technology, Kundapur
  • Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management
  • NITK, Surathkal
  • Yenopoya Institute of Technology


Engineering Electrical & Electronics

Pharma & Biotech


Agri & Food

Other Players

    • 10+ renowned institutes of eminence
    • 43 Engineering, 49 Diploma 127 Degree College
    • ~35,000 Engineering & Degree College students
    • IT Talent Available: ~ 11,000 - 14,000
    • BPM Talent Available: ~ 20,000 - 30,000
  1. About 0.5 million sq. ft. of shared space (includes bare shell & plug & play infrastructure)
  2. Total availability of Co-working space: ~400+


  • KLE's KLE Institute of Technology , Hubli
  • Jain College of Engineering & Technology, Hubli
  • B.V. B. College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli
  • Rai Tech University, Hubli
  • A.g.m Rural College Of Engineering And Technology
  • Indian Institute Of Technology, Dharwad
  • Indian Institute Of Information Technology, Dharwad
  • KLE Technological University
  • Tippu Shaheed Institute Of Technology


  • S.G Balekundri Institute of Technology, Belgaum
  • KLE's KLE College of Engineering and Technology,Chikkodi, Belgaum Dist.
  • Angadi Institute of Technology & Management , Belagaum
  • K.L.S. Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum
  • Jain College Of Engineering
  • Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)
  • Hirasugar Institute of Technology
  • KLE Deemed University
  • KLE Dr. M.S. Sheshgiri College of Engineering and Technology


Marquee Projects

Cluster Support

KDEM Knowledge Dissemination Series

Start-ups get to be a part of the KDEM Knowledge Dissemination Series wherein the Industry anchors from the Beyond Bengaluru clusters share insights on their respective entrepreneurial journeys. Moreover, these knowledge series will also consist of discussions across the themes like technology, platforms, product development, funding pitch, domain-specific bytes for cyber-security, fintech, agri-tech and so on.


This contains the compiled information of various funds/projects from the Central Government, State Government, universities, and other institutions under the start-up promotion. This will facilitate the start-ups in the Beyond Bengaluru Start-Up Grid in exploring institutional assistance.

KDEM Talent Accelerator Program

This program connects you to the colleges and institutions in our network, with whom you can collaborate in terms of ideas and knowledge and hire talent commensurate to the industry requirements. consequatur.

Idea-exchange Program

This program is an idea exchange between startups that are a member of the grid. This is a novel initiative wherein entrepreneurs will be grooming entrepreneurs in terms of providing learnings on entrepreneurship.

Semi-Annual Road Show

A fund-raising semi-annual road show for all members of the grid to pitch their ideas to the VCs.

grooming entrepreneurs in terms of providing learnings on entrepreneurship.



Future Digital Jobs
Karnataka Skill Connect Portal


16 DEC 2022

KDEM knowledge dissemination series

16 DEC 2023

Policy talks

Product packs

Mysuru Product pack

The Mysuru Product pack focusses on Mysuru as the happiest city and on key areas which include the advantages of Mysuru and the 5 strong pillars which include policy enablers, startup landscape, cultural and social capital, talent pool and infrastructure 

Mangaluru Product pack

The Mangaluru Product pack highlights on Mangaluru as the port city with intellectual capital involving the city highlights and the strategies being adopted for setting up IT ecosystems, IT Parks, and to incentivize companies to move/set up centres in Mangaluru by taking advantage of presence of prominent incubation centres and IT SEZ and tech parks and the talks on the success stories of companies already set up in Mysuru 

Hubballi Product pack

The HDB product pack focuses on the twin city of Hubballi & Dharwad as the AI-ML hub and Belagavi as the Engineering Tech hub. The cluster comprises of many NAIN colleges, technology business incubators, industry associations and chapters along with a dynamic group of industry anchors.It also highlights the infrastructure facilities existing and available for IT companies, ESDM companies and startups to operate from; and talent pipeline created in the cluster

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Demand Market Increase

  • Synergize partnerships with international organizations, leading companies, Start-ups etc.
  • Identify markets for products conceived in the Beyond Bengaluru cluster.
  • Launch marketing and promotional events

Supply Increase Initiatives

  • Launch  dedicated ELEVATE program for cities Beyond Bengaluru.
  • Promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem creators with a PP model such as INCUBATE and EDGE.
  • Create and promote Market Connect programs

Market Development Initiatives

  • Provide recruitment assistance to companies under the provisions furnished by the Skill
    Development taskforce.
  • Create communities of students enrolled in all courses in different universities of
    Karnataka and provide various skilling modules and platforms offered by the CoE.

Branding & Promotional Measures

  • Launch Digital Marketing and a dedicated PR campaigns for Beyond Bengaluru clusters.
  • Identify brand ambassador to promote the Beyond Bengaluru initiative.

Leveraging a trillion-dollar digital economy of India by 2025

This report is focusing on the digital economy at the global, national, and state level showcasing the landscape of digital economy at the India level and more specific on the Karnataka level. It shows the estimation of the state to achieve the targets by the year 2025

25 years of GCC’s in India

The report talks about the GCC’s in India and how Karnataka is leading the way by showing the growth drivers at the national and state level and also showcasing the GCC landscape of Karnataka

Cyber Security - Trends and Emerging centres in India

This report covers the broad overview of cyber security industry in India, presence of cyber security in Karnataka highlighting the knowledge based ecosystem, challenges, strategies to overcome the challenges and mentioning a few case studies on the concept of success of few cyber security companies